Welcome to the Alliance of Medical Graduates (AMG). AMG is staffed by volunteer doctors that represent the interests of the 119,218 medical school graduates that were not able to continue their training to get their  license between 2013 - 2022. Our physicians are being denied the right to finish their training due to a lack of graduate medical education (residency training) funding. The core of our advocacy effort is aimed at finding ways to help these doctors finish their training so that they can become licensed and contribute to healthcare in the United States. We have identified that the United States is suffering from a doctor shortage (estimated to be 33,000 doctors in health professional shortage areas currently). Does it make sense to turn away medical graduates who want to finish their training during a doctor shortage?

With 0.72 residency positions per applicant, we know doctors will continue to go untrained en mass until there is legislation to address the problem. We hope one day applicants will equal the number of training positions available. Until that time, we are in support of prioritizing medical graduates currently residing in the U.S. These doctors pay for graduate medical education training through social security taxes, have devoted their lives to medicine and have taken massive tax-payer backed federal student loan debt to become physicians. Many come from communities that need doctors. 

This organization provides mentorship to unmatched doctors still working to finish their training and we are advocating for legislative change that will increase the number of residency positions and collaborative practice positions that will lead to an unrestrictive license. For example, H.R.2256/S.834, The Resident Physician Shortage Reduction Act of 2021 aims to increase residency training positions by 14,000 over seven years and we are working with congress to pass this critical piece of legislation. We're also working with state legislators to expand collaborative practice for medical graduates.

Our overarching mission is to ensure that every U.S. Citizen and Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) medical graduate who has passed their required USMLEs is able to occupy space as a physician.

Medical graduates are a highly trained resource that if utilized correctly would substantially improve healthcare access and outcomes. 

The members of this organization are very diverse and represent some of the best and brightest minds of this country. They have been through eight years of education post-highschool and have passed three nine-hour medical licensing exams (some of the hardest in the world). Many of our members are first or second generation immigrants who migrated to the U.S. with dreams of a better life. Many come from minority or underserved communities. Many are first generation college graduates and come from blue collar families.

We look forward to helping physicians contribute to healthcare in the communities that need them most. 
Every doctor in this organization would be happy to work as a primary care physician in underserved America, but we need your help! Contact your state and federal legislators today to advocate for collaborative practice and the Resident Physician Shortage Reduction Act of 2021.

 If you are a qualified medical graduate yourself that needs to finish training, please use this link to become a member and subscribe below. 

We call on the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) to address the issue of unmatched graduates, and provide support as part of ERAS services. We also ask AAMC if it is fair to charge applicants more than once for their electronic application service?
Applying can cost upwards of $10,000 dollars per year.
If a medical student doesn’t match with a residency program, AAMC should allow them to apply in subsequent years free of charge. Not doing so biases the match towards those who can afford to continue to apply.
We call on ECFMG to acknowledge that the U.S. Citizen and LPR International Medical Graduate (IMG) match rate is <50% (when you factor in those that did not submit a rank list).
We call on the state and federal government to increase collaborative practice and residency training positions. We think it would be wise for the federal government to provide oversight of the AAMC/NRMP Match process. This will ensure that the process is more equitable for all applicants and ensures that all medical graduates are able to continue their training and obtain a license to practice.
Please spread awareness that there are doctors ready and willing to help with the doctor shortage.

Location Syracuse, NY E-mail AllianceofMG@gmail.com Hours M-F 9am-5pm ET, Except Holidays
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