Alliance of Medical Graduates is staffed by volunteer doctors that represent the interests of 7,409 doctors that went unmatched in March of 2021. This organization helps graduate physicians while pushing for legislative reform that will increase the number of residency positions. Going without a residency position takes a toll on you financially, mentally and physically and we are against this unjust hardship for these very intelligent and courageous individuals. We have organized to provide a supportive community in an effort to ensure that every medical graduate residing in the U.S. who has passed their required United States Medical Licensing Exams is able to occupy space as a physician.

These doctors would happily work in primary care to take care of the health of underserved Americans. They deserve that right.

Please email AllianceofMG@gmail.com if you are interested in getting involved.

What The Experts Are Saying

“Grateful we moved this forward-thinking idea into ‘practice’! Now more patients will be served and doctors can begin to fulfill their calling!”

-Nancy Barto AZ State Senator, on recently passed Arizona House Bill 1271

“Hospitals need to realize that there are people in my position who could show up to work in the next hour if we’re called.”

-Dr. Faarina Khan

“Medical education is expensive – both in real dollars and forgone opportunities. When doctors are unemployed, it represents a real waste of time, financial resources, and talent.”

-Dr. Brian Carmody

“When you have the capacity to carry a load of bricks and you are only carrying a load of feathers, you are not fulfilling your civic duty towards society.”

– Dr. Mimi Oo

“Earn while you learn” for Assistant Physicians is the next step in state legislation.

-Dr. Keith Frederick, Founder of Assistant Physician

Location Syracuse, NY E-mail AllianceofMG@gmail.com Hours M-F 9am-5pm ET, Except Holidays
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